Regenerative Medicine the wave of the future, and it is here.

Stem cells are the foundation cells for our bodies. They act as your body’s internal repair system regenerating new tissue and replacing cells that are damaged.

All the experts agree that stem cell therapy is the future of medicine and your personal health and longevity.

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Stem Cells Made Simple

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We have had so many uplifting reports on prior patients who have had stem cell therapy and would say that more than 80% with knee pain and cartilage loss are reporting no pain at all! Those not totally pain free are showing a vast improvement in their pain scale and range of motion. It is not an overnight process, however, and just from the patients in our office, significant improvement is noticed between 9 and 12 weeks after injection. After 6 months the improvement is clearly remarkable!

This is not to say that patients with other ailments other than knees have not shown substantial progress, but knees seem, at this time, to be the fastest to show improvement. We have reports of most all joint improvement. The slowest to show improvement are the hip joints, but the patients with injections in July have been showing signs of great improvement in recent months. Notable reports on systemic illnesses are significantly reported as improved by impressively reported margins, although this office is not medically qualified to evaluate these types of illnesses. Patients have reported that their kidney specialists and pulmonologists have been encouraged by the improvements in testing outcomes.

In conclusion, we are greatly encouraged by this journey we have taken with RegenStim Stem Cell Therapy here at Diagnostic Chiropractic Center and are happy to be a part of this cutting-edge treatment for the City of Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley.